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It has been another hard-working week at Calthorpe Park!  We have been inundated with staff sharing examples of fabulous student learning which demonstrates deep thought, high effort and great ingenuity. It has also been heartening to see many staff and students using the Covid-19 pandemic as a true learning opportunity. 

Mrs Loosemore has been able to give students in Health and Social Care an opportunity to critically evaluate the notion of 'care' and its limitations in our current environment. She has shared some examples of truly thought-provoking work from her students, illustrating their deeply compassionate natures and maturity beyond their years. 

Miss Baggott was also able to adapt her curriculum plans to allow GCSE Food and Nutrition students the opportunity to examine supply chain issues occurring as a result of panic buying and a depletion in agricultural labour.  Her students engaged well with the underlying concepts and many were able to draw on the experience of their own families at this time to substantiate their assertions. 

Meanwhile, staff continue to exploit new technologies and many of our students are engaging in these opportunities. Mrs Stuart has created her own virtual forum and her English students are enjoying participating in a Creative Writing club. She has been incredibly pleased by the quality of the virtual discussion that has taken place and students have enjoyed not only viewing each other's submissions but also setting carefully considered targets for improvement in a mutually supportive environment. 

In addition, we have been enjoying the polished writing skills of our Modern Foreign Languages students whilst students in Design and Technology have created some very sophisticated designs of Gumball Machines! Year 6 transition projects continue to come in and it is a veritable delight to see the enthusiasm that our prospective students are brimming with. 

Ms Ball has been promoting mental health and well-being in the form of a virtual club. Some of her students have shared beautiful examples of wildlife and nature photography. They have been using this to connect with the outdoors as a mechanism to enhance their own well-being. She has also been able to share some lovely examples of extra-curricular art work that students have been engaging with to promote mindfulness. These students are commended for positively taking responsibility for their mental health at a challenging time. 

It is a pleasure for staff to share and celebrate examples of their students' work, endeavour and participation in learning and we look forward to publishing more examples after the half-term break. 

We finish this week with an update from our hard-working site team.  Since Easter the new “studio” (what used to be the motor mechanics shed) has had a new ceiling installed and new floor laid, creating additional teaching space for drama and dance, as well as a useful space for those wishing to hire somewhere suitable for yoga and aerobics.

The team then moved onto the corridor leading from the staff car park where the old coat hangers were. This area has been refurbished completely including the stairwell leading to the IT department.

They have now finished the food tech corridor, music entrance and more recently work started on the second IT stairwell.

In addition, the site team have been working alongside the landscape team and the memorial garden is looking stunning!


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