Medical Statement of Consent



Prior to making an application or registering for a place on a trip, a parent/carer is asked to read the following:

By making an application or registering for a place on a trip, a parent is confirming that they have read and fully accept the medical statement of consent including their responsibilities, their child’s responsibilities and that permission is given for all scenarios and decisions as described in the below statement, including confirmation that their child is in good health and capable of participating in the activities of the given trip. 



  1. The parent/carer confirms that the school has the most up to date information about their child’s medical needs.
  2. The parent/carer consents to any necessary medical treatment (which might include the use of anaesthetics) in the event of an accident or illness during said trip.
  3. Should their child require any medication to be administered during the trip, the parent/carer will ensure it is given to the First Aider on the trip along with the Medication Consent Form (available to download from the school website) and clear instructions on administration.  The parent/carer takes full responsibility for ensuring that any medication given to the First Aider is in-date and in its original packaging.  Any prescribed medication will include the pharmacy label with their child’s name, instructions for administration, dosage and storage clearly labelled and legible.
  4. With the exception of prescribed asthma inhalers, insulin and EPIPEN, they understand that their child is not permitted to and will not carry any medication on their persons.

It is a parent’s responsibility to contact the School Health and Welfare Officers to discuss any medical concerns/needs or medication for their child whilst on a school trip.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the school is notified in writing if any of the above information changes. 

Students are unable to participate in a trip without this consent in place.



There is no current requirement to wear a face covering or social distance though some venues may have restrictions in place which the school will be required to adhere to. 


Formal guidance for masks and social-distancing is subject to change.  We will adhere to the government guidelines that are in place at the time of the trip but suggest that your child brings a suitable face-covering in anticipation of any requirement to wear one.  Please also consider that students will be seated on a coach in close proximity to others and may, therefore, wish to wear a suitable face covering for the journey, irrespective of the guidance in place at the time.