Mobile Phones

Following an extensive and carefully considered review of mobile phone usage, we are making some changes to our mobile phone policy, which will also be applicable to the use of earphones, smart watches and fitbits.

At Calthorpe Park, we appreciate that mobile devices are an integral part of daily life and carry a huge significance, particularly for young people. I fully recognise that from a safety perspective, parents want their children to bring a phone to school and many of our students rely on them to access travel permits etc. It has however become apparent that during the school day mobile devices are a major distraction and result in students not focusing fully in lessons and at times not socialising appropriately with their peers.

We now have a more robust approach to dealing with the distractions caused by the use of mobile devices and their inappropriate use in school and have set out the following expectations:

  • All devices must be ‘not seen, not heard’, switched off, and stored in students’ bags during the entire school day. This means from the first bell in the morning at 8.40am until the final bell at 3.00pm
  • Students are NOT permitted to carry their mobile devices, including earpods, in their trouser, shirt or coat pockets
  • Mobile device usage will only be permitted if expressly directed by a member of staff e.g. for a specific learning task
  • Students will be made fully familiar with the process involved in handing over their device to the HUB, should they be seen to be using it during the school day
  • Should a student be seen to be doing so on more than one occasion, parents will be contacted directly and the levels of sanction fully explained

If a student refuses to hand over their phone when asked, staff will then deal with this situation in line with the school behaviour policy and appropriate sanctions will be put in place.

If students are concerned that their phone may be damaged whilst in their bag, we suggest that it is stored in an appropriate container. Please note that the school will not accept liability for any phone or device lost or damaged on the school site.

Our aim here is not to be draconian, but to ensure that school is a safe and distraction-free environment for our young people to learn and grow in. If you urgently need to contact your child during the school day, please contact Reception and we will pass on a message via the systems we have in place. If your child feels that they need assistance or pastoral care, they should speak to their tutor or visit HQ, the Medical Room, or our ELSA support team at break or lunch time.