Mobile Phones

We have outlined some new arrangements regarding the use of mobile phones.

There are now specific areas in which mobile phones can be used during break and lunchtime for listening to music or playing games, and only at those times. These are listed below. We seek your support and cooperation in ensuring that your son/daughter is aware of the restrictions in areas and times as well as the very clear rule that there should never be any communication via mobile phone during the school day (this include calls, texts, social media, etc). If there is an urgent need for you to contact your son/daughter please let the school know and we will pass the message on. If any student misuses their phone the minimum consequence will be confiscation for a stated period of time that will never be overnight. It is the student’s responsibility, however, to ascertain when, and from whom they can collect their phone.

The phone zones are as follows:

  • The Café
  • Under the canopies outside the Café, the Library and the external corridors alongside A and B classrooms
  • The Gallery

We have also made it clear that visible headphones and leads are also only appropriate in the phone zones at break and lunchtime.