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Calthorpe Park catering facilities are managed by PS Catering Management, a family owned and operated organisation with specific contract catering expertise in the education sector.

Since taking over the contract PS Catering have transformed the aesthetics of our dining rooms and food counters, as well as developing an additional catering facility for students, staff and guests.

You will find a wide variety of different food options, cooked freshly on site by Will and his fantastic team. Options include home-cooked food on a plate and a range of tastes from around the world which can be eaten on the go…perfect for hectic school social lives!

At Calthorpe Park we are keen to make sure our students are always able to purchase food/drink so we have in place an overdraft facility to make sure students are able to purchase food/drink on the odd occasion parents forget to top up their accounts.

If you wish your child to have a £5 overdraft facility, please complete this form.

Currently the maximum cafe spend for a student is £7.50 per day. Should you wish to amend this limit, please email Finance:

If your child has left Calthorpe Park, but you still have money left in the cafe account, please complete this form for a refund. If you would like to donate the balance to the school, which will be used to support our fundraising projects, please notify Finance:

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PS Catering provide an amazing culinary experience and a wide range of healthy options at every counter for our students, staff and guests whilst being fully compliant with current government guidelines for healthy eating in schools. See the links on the left for current menus and a recent update.

You can see pricing for various meals at these links:


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Lunch tariff in the Restaurant