Electronic Payments

Payments for trips, resources and events in school can be made using this link - www.scopay.com. All students have been issued with unique details for parents to use to access the system. Please contact Finance if you have any queries about using this system for online payments. When you log in to this system, you may see a number of resources for students in all years - please ensure you only buy items that are relevant for your child. If you have not had a letter or your child has not been informed about a trip or resource, please do not pay for it.

Some revision guides are labelled pp which are only for pupil premium students -
please make sure you select the correct guide when paying.

For further help, please see this guide about managing your Scopay account and this guide about making payments.

At Calthorpe Park we are keen to make sure our students are always able to purchase food/drink so we have in place an overdraft facility to make sure students are able to purchase food/drink on the odd occasion parents forget to top up their accounts.

If you wish your child to have a £5 overdraft facility, please complete this form.

Currently the maximum cafe spend for a student is £7.50 per day. Should you wish to amend this limit, please email Finance: Finance@cps.hants.sch.uk

If your child has left Calthorpe Park, but you still have money left in the cafe account, please complete this form for a refund. If you would like to donate the balance to the school, which will be used to support our fundraising projects, please notify Finance: Finance@cps.hants.sch.uk