Lost Property

We are finding that a large number of students are losing items around the school site which often causes them distress and potentially disrupts their school day.

We thought it would be useful to clarify our policy and put together a few simple steps to

  • assist parents in understanding how the school handles lost property day to day
  • help students self-manage the recovery of lost items

Items that are found outside or in communal areas are usually brought directly to Reception. If these are clearly marked with the owner’s name, we do our best to return them to the student straight away. If they are unmarked, we take them to the lost property lockers located in the corridor adjacent to the gym, at the back of the hall.

Small items or items of value such as money, phones, glasses or jewellery will be kept at Reception or possibly HQ for safekeeping.

Items left in classrooms will remain there for up to one week before being brought to Reception where they will be managed as above.

Many items are left in the PE department after lessons, clubs and fixtures. Due to the location of the new sports hall, items are generally held there in a separate locked lost property cupboard. Students should ask a member of the PE staff to allow them access to this cupboard.

The following prompts are those we use at Reception to help students and may be helpful:

  • Don’t panic, stay calm.
  • Check your bag thoroughly if it is a small item or phone.
  • Have you been to the café or have you had PE?
  • Have you been to any lunch time or after school clubs?
  • Look at your timetable to jog your memory of which classrooms you have been in. Revisit these rooms and ask the member of staff.
  • Look in the blue lost property lockers adjacent to the gym.

If you have covered all of the above, come to Reception