School dog - Luna

Luna fields 11 months

Luna is our school therapy dog in training. She is a Labradoodle and is in school three days a week (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday). She works alongside Mrs Pascoe, Mrs Brant and Ms Ball in the ELSA area

Students are allowed to stroke Luna and she loves meeting them but please do listen to the trainer with her. Luna needs to be calm and ready before approaching her. She is still learning so when she needs a little bit of space, please respect this. 

We are part of the CAL affiliate scheme - Canine Assisted Learning.  Luna has a dog trainer in once a term to focus on our next training goals as well as to check on her welfare.  We also have CAL in two days a week to run sessions with students with their fully trained dog, so we have a dog on site five days a week to support our students.  For more information, see the CAL website here.

balloons sept 22  Luna  portrait

Luna and student Oct 22  7 mths