Parents' Guide to Attendance

A Parents' Guide to Attendance


Please support Calthorpe Park School in ensuring your child is attending school, every lesson counts!

When can my child be off school?

  • If your child is unwell, please see this link to check if your child can attend school if they are unwell.

Please note it is unacceptable for your child to be off for their birthday or for a day out. Please plan any holidays outside of term time; if you do need to make an absence request in term time please complete the form here and email it to Attendance

What if my child is refusing to attend school?

  • Please see this link to Emotionally School Based Avoidance (EBSA) guidance

How do I report my child absent?

  • Please report any absences via Edulink, on each day of absence before 9am, and always include a brief description of illness for our records

How do I report my child has an appointment that cannot be arranged outside of school hours?

  • Please report any appointments on Edulink - we may ask for a copy of the appointment card for our records and this can be attached to your Edulink message

Please regularly check your child’s attendance on Edulink.

If you have any queries about your child’s attendance please email