Exams Arrangements

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For queries regarding examinations, please contact the Exams Team

Individual examination timetables can be found by logging into EdulinkOne

Please direct any EdulinkOne queries to Mrs Hale.

External Examinations - Summer 2024

Students can access their individual examination timetable via EdulinkOne.

Some students will have external exams in the Spring term - details will be available on EdulinkOne

The general examination timetable for Summer 2024 is here.

Internal Examinations

Below is an overview of internal examinations taking place throughout the school year. The schedule is subject to change. 

Year Group Internal Exams - Timeline
Year 10 Exams: Spring Term 
Year 9 Exams: Summer Term - timetable here
Year 8 Exams: Spring Term  
Year 7 Exams: Summer Term 

Exam Boards

  • Information for the 2023/24 academic year can be found here

Results & Certificates

Details will appear here in the Summer term.

For any queries, please contact the Exams Team

Rules, Regulations and Operations

All exams are run in accordance with the official Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) rules and regulations. The key points of these are summarised in posters outside the Exam rooms. All candidates are required to know what these key points are, and abide by them.