Education is the lifelong process of development to which Calthorpe Park will make an essential contribution through its curriculum, which is the formal and informal teaching and learning within the school.
The central purpose is the intellectual, personal, social, spiritual, moral, cultural, creative and physical development of students. The responsibility for this will be shared between the school, the home and the society in which we live.
The curriculum will be concerned with the whole person and the partnership between all parties should provide the best for the individual in the school’s care. The school will promote a sense of personalised learning where every child matters.

The curriculum will:

  • meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and other regulatory instruments;
  • be broad - so that it provides a wide range of knowledge, skills and learning opportunities;
  • be coherent - so that each element is linked to make the learning experience more meaningful;
  • be relevant - so that it is related to the learner’s interests, needs and experience wherever possible;
  • be differentiated - so that what is taught and how it is taught is matched to the students’ needs, aptitudes, abilities and achievements;
  • be inclusive – allowing, as far as is possible, all students access to the full curriculum;
  • enable each student to achieve to the maximum of his/her own potential;
  • promote partnership between the student, the home, the teacher/school and the community;
  • emphasise the pastoral dimension of the curriculum and its influence on the development of the character and attitudes of young people;
  • ensure continuity and progression: value and build on what exists upon entry; involve students in learning activities which are part of a continuous and planned experience; prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life;
  • be recognised as including all those features of school life which produce its ethos such as the quality of interpersonal relationships, the concern for equality of opportunity; the values inherent in the way in which the school is managed and organised;
  • allow opportunities for extra curricular and enrichment activities;
  • meet the requirements of other relevant school policies (e.g. Relationships and Health Education, Assessment, Inclusion, Equal Opportunities, and Special Educational Needs which can be referred to as required).

Groupings at Calthorpe Park

Please be advised that we reserve the right to alter student groupings at any point during the academic year. Decisions are always made to optimise student outcomes, both academic and social, and we encourage all students to embrace the opportunity to make acquaintances and forge friendships with all members of our school community. Coping with change is an attribute and should be recognised as a vehicle to build character and develop dispositions like resilience, in keeping with the Calthorpe Way philosophy.

GCSE Option choices in Year 8

This is the current options book giving GCSE choices for Year 8 students.

Further information:

For further information about curriculum provision please contact Reception or use the “Contact Us” form on the website.


Please see this link for the agreed syllabus, Living Difference, being taught in RE.