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Trips continue to play an important part in educating and developing students here at Calthorpe Park School, but as the school continues to grow so too does the demand for places. The implications of Covid-19 must also be considered. The school’s priority is to ensure fairness of opportunity. However, with in excess of 250 students in most year groups, it is not always possible for every trip to accommodate every student. Therefore, we aim to offer multiple opportunities throughout a student’s time with us.

The trip process has been reviewed to provide greater clarity for parents, regarding both the way in which trips are organised and the implications and resulting commitments when applying for a place. Key points to note include:

Trip Bulletin
A Trip Bulletin will be issued at the end of each half-term, which will list the trips opening for applications after the break, with links to the relevant Trip Information Page (TIP) on our website. The TIP will provide parents with decision-making information such as timings, eligibility, location, duration, estimated costings and whether places are limited. It will also indicate whether a trip is Recommended or Optional.  Please see this link for the Trip Bulletin for February.


Applying for a Place
Trips will normally open for ‘Application’ via an Edulink online ‘form’ during the first week of a new half term and a strict one-week deadline will apply. Applications after this time will only be considered once all other applications have been processed. 

Status Update
For trips with limited availability, a ballot for places will take place, with names always selected at random. Following this, there are three possible statuses, which parents will be notified of two weeks after the closing date.

          Success                                   Waiting List                       Unsuccessful
          Further action is required          No action is required          Places are unlikely to become available

Consent & Payment
Obay 3Upon receipt of a Success notification email, a one-week deadline will apply for completion of the Edulink Consent Form and payment (as detailed on the TIP). This is normally the full amount for most (but not all) Day Trips and an initial instalment for all Residential Trips. This deadline will allow the school to manage the growing number of students on waiting lists and share opportunities in a timely manner, as late notice cancellations cannot easily or automatically be given to students on the waiting list.

For further detail, please read the Place Management Procedure in the first instance or alternatively email:

For Edulink assistance email:
For ScoPay assistance email:

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