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A warm welcome to you all from the CPS library!   

Welcome back for the Summer Term. We hope to host many library lessons this term, alongside some events such as the Hampshire Book Awards and some competitions thrown in too.

This week we have had our Year 8 lessons looking at the Horror Genre. This has recently been developed as students requested some new books and we are looking at buying in some more choices soon.

Just a reminder that the library is designed to be place to go to move out of the noisy environment during break and lunchtime. We love to be busy but do request that you bear in mind it's not the place for a loud chat. There are now signs just reminding you all that this is a 'Calm and Quiet Environment' - I ask you to all be considerate of your volume in here to ensure that everyone can enjoy it as the retreat it is meant to be. We aren't a huge space but we seek to provide a zone where you can read, study and play board games - however, we cannot simply be a place to come and chat as there are other areas around the school for chilling and chatting. 

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Are you looking for a convenient and user-friendly way to access a vast collection of age-appropriate books from the comfort of your home or school? Look no further than Sora, the virtual library app!

As a Calthorpe Park School student, you have free access to this fab app, which can be easily downloaded and accessed on any device. Whether you're at home or in school, Sora provides an extensive collection of books, audiobooks, and graphic novels for readers of all ages and interests.

Sora's user-friendly interface makes browsing and searching for books a breeze, with various filters and categories to help you find your next favourite read. There is also the opportunity to alter to a dyslexic friendly font and light/ dark contrast to support reading. With Sora, reading has never been easier, more convenient, or more enjoyable. Download the app today and experience the joy of reading making use of a whole range of options. Take a look, explore the books!

Setting Up

Download the Sora app from Apple App Store or Google Play. If you are using a browser navigate to

Enter the setup code: hampshiresls

Find your school in the dropdown list.

The login details for the school/individual pupil are below.

Username (Enter your school’s username)

Password (Enter your school’s password)

Browse the Explore tab to find and borrow a book.

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Recommended Reads

Our Recommended Reading lists have been updated for the Spring term. These are shared with students in years 7-9 via homework and Edulink, and posters will be displayed in the English classrooms. Some of our book displays in the library are also currently focused on them. These are books that include some links with your English curriculum, so some tying in with The Tempest and Shakespeare for Year 7 and some connection with 'Animal Farm' and linking back to 'The Gothic' for Year 8. With Year 9, it is more a range of books that seem suited to older students and relevant issues. So whilst there are hundreds of books to choose from in both the library and on Sora, our digital library, these are some focused choices for you if you want some guidance. 

RRSpring7   RR8Spring   RR9Spring         

Library Opening

Last term we had a slight change to the opening of the library at lunchtime as Book Club moved to Friday. However, this term, we will be open again each lunchtime - only closed for special arrangements.

Games such as Chess, Uno and card games will now be available to play on three days of the week again - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, whilst a focus on reading and a place to study is the library's role on Monday and Fridays. We save two lunchtimes for reading, homework and mindfulness activities to ensure we have enough space for students to enjoy it as a quiet, comfortable space. It is important for the library to offer that haven to you all so that you know you have a place where you can study and read, and enjoy your downtime. 

Check out the schedule below to get a clear picture on our opening times. We are here not only at break and lunchtime but also before and after school.

Opening Times:

  • Before school from 8.30 am. However, it is often open from 8.20 am
  • During breaktime and lunchtime
  • After school until 3.30 pm. Longer availability is an option.
  • Year 7 and 8 Book Club runs on a Thursday after school until 4 pm
  • Games Club runs on a Friday until 4.30 pm

The Library is here to be a calm place for students. If students prefer a little louder lunchtime and a place to go, 'Chill and Chat' is held in MFL3 on Mondays and Friday, and you may borrow games from us to take along - don't forget to bring them back!

Board games are available for students on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunchtimes only. Sometimes a limit on the amount of tables being used for games will be put into place to ensure there is still space for students wishing to use the library for reading and homework. 






Reading, alongside mindfulness activities/ homework & revision. Board games unavailable 

Reading, alongside mindfulness activities/ homework & revision and quiet board games

Reading, homework & revision, with mindfulness activities also available and quiet board games

Reading, homework & revision, with mindfulness activities also available and quiet board games

Reading, alongside mindfulness activities/ homework & revision. Board games unavailable

An important note: students from Year 8 – Year 11, you do need to being back overdue books ahead of borrowing this year. There are still too many books that have settled into homes that need to be returned for other students to enjoy, so have a good look around and pop them back to me, either at the desk in the library or the cupboard just outside the door.

Careers Corner   

Careers books

This area of the library is always available for students to help and support as they consider what and where they may wish to study in the future, along with possible career ideas.We have various leaflets and prospectuses, not simply for the older students but for all years. In addition, there are a number of books based on careers and developing one’s potential.If students need any guidance or simply a hard copy of online information from the colleges, then they can come along to the Library. We have increased our selection of books geared towards specific types of careers and added them to this section of the library too. Mrs Wayman will direct you here and would also like you to know that these leaflets and prospectuses are available for you to also take home.

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Books of the Week: Another two from our new stock this week - both bought in from our rewards through the Scholastic Book Fair. So thank you to those that help earn those rewards!


Immortal Games

Every Lunar Eclipse signifies the beginning of The Immortal Games: an epic set of games played by the Gods of Olympus, with randomly-selected humans as their Tokens. The stakes are high; the Gods covet entertainment and glory above all else, for the Tokens, it's about survival.

17-year-old Ara wants revenge. Revenge on the Gods for allowing her older sister to die in the Games. She's determined to be selected as a Token and find a weapon powerful enough to kill a God.

With each challenge, the games become more brutal. Can Ara put aside her rage and survive?



Four Good Liars

Layla. Kai. Liam. Fliss. Terrified big sister. Troubled surfer. Insecure genius. Pampered princess.

They have nothing in common, except they were all on the school bus that morning. The morning of the crash. The morning they discovered the dead driver’s holdall, containing one million pounds – and a gun.

All of them have secrets, and all of them need that money.

But someone dangerous is hunting it down, and drawing closer every minute. If Layla, Kai, Liam and Fliss want to survive, they’ll need to stick together. But can four good liars really trust one another?