Welcome from Senior Students

Hi, we are the Senior Student Leadership Team! The SSLT comprises five groups of head students, each with a varying role. This year our main aim is to improve involvement within the Calthorpe Community as we believe it is important to embrace opportunities. We work hard to help maintain the smooth running of the school alongside staff by guiding the Prefect team, voicing student ideas, organising and advertising events and promoting the school's values.

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Sean and Morenike

Heads of Charities: Morenike and Sean

As Heads of Charities, our ambition is to change people's lives for the better. In doing this, our responsibility is to uphold and build upon the outstanding reputation that Calthorpe Park School has for fundraising events, such as SLUGG Walk and Mufti Days. We both intend to continue this money-raising momentum to help those far less privileged than us. 



Lottie, Jack and FreyaHeads of Communications and Marketing: Freya, Lottie and Jack

Hello, we are the Head Students of Marketing and Communications. One of our principal roles is to promote specific events. This may be, for example, putting notices up on Moodle to ensure a systematic and coherent style at our school. Similarly, we are responsible for publicising events such as SLUGG Walk and Sports Day, ensuring you know what is happening and when it is happening. This year we are looking forward to acquainting students with new, ambitious projects. We hope these projects will be relished by everyone.



Freya and EddieHeads of Prefects: Freya and Eddie

We are the Head Girl and Boy of Prefects. With this role comes a lot of organisational responsibilities, such as running prefect meetings, recruiting prefects to help at events and helping the firms to run like clockwork. This year we have the largest prefect cohort there has been for many years: with which we endeavour to further improve the quality of prefect work. Although we predominantly work with upper school students, we strive to be role models to younger students at the school and ambassadors for Calthorpe Park everywhere we go. Throughout our time in our positions, we will always work to the school’s motto: aspire to inspire. 



Alba and BenHeads of REaL3: Alba and Ben

We are the Heads of REaL3. REaL3 stands for Rights, Respect and Responsibility in Education and Learning, and is a group that runs on a weekly basis. We are in charge of promoting the rights respecting agenda around school, and organising events around school such as the Week of Change. We spread awareness of the fact that every child has their rights, and want to help the school win the varying tiers of the Rights Respecting school award.



Skye, Kate and SebastienHeads of Student Voice: Skye, Kate and Sebastien

As Heads of Student Voice, our role within Calthorpe Park is to listen to the thoughts and opinions of the student body and integrate their ideas into our school community. Our main responsibility is to organise and run Speakouts, which is the platform through which the students communicate their ideas, allowing us to act upon their suggestions and improve their daily school experience. Furthermore, we hope to be an approachable team that students can come to whenever they wish to voice their concerns and ideas for improving their learning environment at Calthorpe Park.