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Welcome from Senior Students

Heads of Prefects 


Hi, we’re the Heads of Prefects. Part of our role is to organise prefect meetings; during which we discuss ways the prefects can help to run events and firms that you will enjoy. In the past, we would mainly work with upper school students, however we want to play a bigger role in helping younger years settle into our community and shape your initial experience here at Calthorpe Park School.  If you ever have any questions, or need any help, feel free to ask us, or any other members of SSLT and the prefect team.     
Aaron R & Issy F

Heads of Charities


As Heads of Charities, we are given the responsibility of planning fundraising events here at Calthorpe in order to raise money for charities who need our help. Some of the events we run to help raise money for those less fortunate are mufti days, cake sales and coffee mornings. We hope to continue to improve Calthorpe outstanding charity work and raise as much money as we can for those who need it.
Mirey G & Katie G

Heads of Student Voice


Hello, we are the Heads of Student Voice. Part of our role as Heads Of Student Voice is to listen to the ideas and opinions of the student body and organise speak-outs, which is where a group of students from each form work together and discuss current topics relating to the school. Using the student feedback we collect, we do our best to act upon their suggestions and use it to help affect change within the school. We want all students to feel involved and listened to, so that their day-to-day school life is improved and made more enjoyable knowing that they are a part of a wider community. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us or any other member of the SSLT.
Josh G-C & Isabella M

Heads of Communication and Wellbeing


Hello, we are the Heads of Communication and Wellbeing. This year, part of our role is focusing on the importance and value of student wellbeing - a matter that is so crucial, now more than ever. A principle of our role is to help, support and encourage the goals and achievements of the Wellbeing Award, which is guiding our journey to becoming a school that puts student welfare first. Along with this, we strive to ensure the idea that emotional wellbeing and mental health is a responsibility of all of us, and we endeavour to employ further wellbeing strategies in school.
Maya V, Sabrina M & Tilly L

Heads of REaL3 Paragraph


Hello, we are the Heads of Real3. REaL3 stands for Rights, Respect and Responsibility in Education and Learning. Part of our role is to help organise the club real3, promote a rights respecting agenda around school and help with school events such as the week of change. Calthorpe is a silver rights respecting school and we are currently, as a team, working towards our gold award - this is something which we are very proud to be part of. We spread awareness of the fact that every child has their rights, and we are here to support the school on its journey through varying tiers of the Rights Respecting school award. Real3, although currently held on teams due to the current climate, is open to all and we would love to see more students get involved!
Maddie G-B & Issy N




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