Illness/Medical Appointments

You can report an absence due to illness or for a medical appointment by either:

  • Using the ‘Report an Absence' feature on the home screen of EdulinkOne to send a short electronic message at any time
  • Clicking on the link on the website to ‘Report an Absence’ or send an email to attendance@cps.hants.sch.uk

Absence needs to be reported for each day that the child is off school, including medical procedures, covid, holidays or outside activities pre-arranged with Attendance.

If your child is leaving school during the day for an appointment, please report this via EdulinkOne (as above).  Your child will then need to sign out (and in again if returning) at Reception.  We may ask for a copy of the appointment for evidence of appointments. This can be attached to EduLink.

Late - If you know your child will be late to school, please report via EdulinkOne.  Your child should then sign in at Reception.

Holidays/Other Absence - to request additional time off during the term, please see this page about absence and use this form to request the time off.  This must be returned to Attendance.