New Traffic Management System

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From September 22, the school cohort increases to over 1400 students and our new build also comes online. Inevitably, this growth has implications for how we manage access and egress from the site, and no doubt some of you have experienced the pinch points in and around the school, particularly at the end of the day.

In conjunction with the Hart Green Grid initiative, which aims to ‘create routes between all settlements to encourage walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable healthy transport’, Hampshire County Council and Hart District Council have prioritised the introduction of a new Traffic Management System for Calthorpe Park School and the surrounding highways. This system will limit the number of vehicles eligible to access the school and use the stopping and bypass lane, at the end of the day. Subject to on-going review, morning drop-offs are unaffected, owing to more evenly distributed traffic across a longer timeframe, lessening the impact on the local roads.

Whilst we are required to have this system in place ready for the start of the Autumn Term, there are many positive implications for both the health and well-being of our community and also for their safety.

Eligibility is determined by postcode (see a map here and eligible postcodes here).  Any postcode that is greater than 3 miles from the school is eligible for a permit.  Hampshire County Council and Hart District Council have determined that a walking distance of up to three miles is acceptable and the routes available are safe for students of secondary school age. 

Those eligible can request a permit by completing this form.  Families who are not eligible but have extenuating circumstances may apply for a permit and will be notified of the status of their application. We aim to respond within two weeks.

As a school, though we are required by Hampshire County Council and Hart District Council to implement and monitor this new Traffic Management System, we appreciate that the change may require some adjustments to long-standing routines. To assist, we have a list of FAQs and some useful sources of information below. If you have any further queries about applying for a permit, please direct them here. For concerns about the wider implications of this Traffic Management system, may we ask you to direct your thoughts to

As always, we thank you for your support, cooperation and patience as we implement these changes.


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