Message from Stagecoach

The number 10 which, during the last school year, departed Farnborough Kingsmead at 07:35 will now depart at 07:25, and will run slightly earlier throughout its route. It will also no longer serve Pondtail, but will instead run along Fleet High Street before continuing to Calthorpe Park School. This means there will be additional pick-ups on Fleet Road/Fleet High Street, however the bus will no longer run via Kings Road and Aldershot Road in Pondtail.
This change is being made so that all daytime journeys on route 10 operate the same consistent route through Fleet. We're also adding additional running time to reduce the risk of buses running late. The Pondtail diversion on the morning journey added 10 minutes extra to the journey, but was usually used by no more than 5-6 passengers per day. Unfortunately this does mean that the small handful of students who used that journey last year may need to make their way to the alternative bus stops on Fleet Road/High Street in order to catch the number 10.
We'd also like to advise students in the Ancells Farm area that the morning pick-up on the number 10 will be slightly earlier than last year. The bus is due at Ancells Farm (Highland Drive) at 07:43, rather than 07:53 last year.
There is no change to the 610 service to & from Church Crookham and Crondall, which will continue to run to the existing route and timetable. (This bus calls via Pondtail in the afternoon, but not in the morning. Therefore students can be dropped off in the Pondtail area in the afternoon as before.)
I am sorry that it has not been possible to confirm these changes before the students finished for the summer break, as we had ideally hoped to do. We had been liaising with Hampshire County Council regarding the 610 service, which had been due to finish at the end of the last school year, therefore we'd been unable to finalise our plans for September until now. We can now confirm that the 610 service will continue unchanged,
I have attached an updated timetable for service 10, as well as the current timetable for the 610, in case these are of use to your students. There is also some information about upcoming service changes in the area at the link below:
18 August 2023