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Challenge Event - June 2014

On Thursday, 19th June, 10 Year 8 students participated in a Challenge Event organised and hosted by The Sixth Form College Farnborough.

The day was definitely challenging for our students…they had to produce a brochure advertising the local area, which included Fleet, Farnborough, Farnham, Odiham and Aldershot. The brochure itself had to cover many different aspects; historical information, local businesses, leisure activities, schools, general prices and availability for activities all had to be included, along with an eye catching front cover which appealed to teenagers (which was the target audience).

The team also had a strict budget that they had to keep a close eye on.

Every aspect of producing the brochure cost the team money – from sheets of paper, images, ink, using logos, printing through to asking for ‘expert advice’.  At the end of the day, the team had to complete an accurate budget report along with the brochure itself.

Whilst the team were busy producing the brochure they had to also prepare a presentation. The focus for this was to communicate to an audience of well over 90 students from other competing secondary schools what their brochure was all about and pin point particular elements of interest. The presentation had to be presented in a professional and innovative manner, which included drama, multimedia and using factual information about the local area.

The presentation and brochure were judged by staff at the College, including the Principal who were overwhelmed with the quality of presentations and brochures that were produced.

Calthorpe Park students were outstanding and came first overall.  

Their attitude, focus and the way they worked as a team throughout the day was exceptional.

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