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Y9 WW1 Battlefields Trip - June 2014

A group of 126 Year 9 students and 13 staff spent 3 days visiting some of the major areas of fighting from the First World War. As ever, this proved to be a thought provoking and moving experience for us all.

Many students were able to visit relatives graves and memorials, with some paying respects to members of our community having researched local war memorials in Fleet.
Mr Paul Edwards, Trip Coordinator

The whole experience of Battlefields was very moving and very amazing.  I learnt loads of information and view points from both sides.  I found the ‘Menin Gate’ a very touching moment on the trip because it was then I understood how many people died in the war and this was only a fraction of them!
Daisy H, S01

I believe my favourite part of our Battlefield experience was seeing and learning about  the individual people who died during the war.  Our guide made the war stories very interesting.  My favourite story was the battle in which all the Canadians ran at once towards their opposites.  Overall, I found the trip very educational but with the fun of friendship.
Ellis Hicks, M09


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