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Slugg Walk - July 19

The annual SLUGG walk was held on 17th July and raised £4000. This event aims to raise awareness of charitable organisations, whilst providing a fun and interactive day for all students to enjoy. The money raised went towards four different charities. This year, Calthorpe Park had chosen to support four charities: Water Aid (a charity that aims to provide clean water and sanitation to less developed countries); Ocean Stars (a children's charity that hopes to alleviate poverty and provides education to young people in Sir Lanka); Cancer Research UK (the world’s leading independent cancer research charity) and Young Minds (a charity dedicated to improving the mental well-being of young people).

This year, SLUGG walk followed a different format than usual. Instead of having regular lessons for the first two periods, there were four different interactive quizzes on the four charities that Calthorpe was supporting. The purpose of this was to try and give the students a more in-depth awareness of where their donations were going.

During the day students walked around the school where, en route, they passed different country themed stalls, which were run by teachers and staff or by the Prefect Team. The day was run in a competition-type format, with the aim being to do as many laps of the school as possible, which go towards your House’s grand total. After lunch, all students made their way to the courtyard to watch SLUGG Sound (live music performed by students). That was a big hit with everyone and, following on from that, the scores were announced. This year the scores were the closest that they had ever been — only five laps difference between first and third place. However, at the end of the day, Somerville came out top! Overall the event was a great success, and we are very pleased to have raised so much money for these very worthy causes.

Below is the video of Mr Lewis and Mr Barrett sumo wrestling!

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