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GCSE Results - August 2019

Well done Year 11!


Congratulations to all our students for whom the long wait for GCSE results is finally over. They arrived this morning to collect them with well-founded optimism soon followed by gasps of delight and ecstatic congratulatory hugs!

We are all thrilled with our results again this year.  85% of students achieved grade 9-4 in both English and Maths with 66% achieving grade 9-5 in this measure.  42% of all exam entries were graded at 9-7; twenty eight students achieved a complete set of the highest grades across 8 or more subjects and 36% of the year group achieved an average of grade 7 or higher across all their exams. For 16 subjects, at least a third of their entry was awarded grade 9-7 or equivalent.

IMG_0410   IMG_0399   

We are particularly pleased with the continuing improvement in student progress. In terms of exceptional progress, our top students at present are (in alphabetical order): Scarlett Buck, Dani Bee, Alex Thompson, Anna Philpot, Arjan Sohal, Tyson Beacroft, Megan Reynolds, Grace Penny, Glen Anderson, Ryan Atherton and Eleanor Hoad.

Students currently top of their year group for attainment are (in alphabetical order):

Abigail Freeman, Alice Garner, Harry Hult, Abigail Levison, Alex Navas, Mattie Hodson, Aloka Dias, Lauren Lucas, Liam Moore, Anna Philpot and Sam Rapley.

But we are reluctant to emphasise the outstanding performance of individuals when so many of the year group have achieved remarkable outcomes and resounding personal success; we congratulate them all on their collective hard work and commitment. Their success is undoubtedly just reward for a cohort of students whose aspiration, relentless positivity and modelling of The Calthorpe Way have set a standard to inspire others in the years to come.

IMG_0357   DSCF4121

We also pay tribute to the extraordinary dedication and skill of our staff who work tirelessly to challenge and guide our students as well as thanking our parents for their fulsome support over the past five years.

DSCF4169    DSCF4144

Year of 2019, you sat patiently through so many lessons, presentations and meetings where we reiterated what accomplished learners you were and just how much you were capable of achieving.  Well, you haven’t just done it, you’ve gone above and beyond! We are so proud of you, we wish you every success for the future and we look forward to watching your continued success in the years to come.

Melanie Hooper and Martin Amos

Congratulations from Jonathan Phillips, our Chair of Governors:

"As Chair of Governors, I can speak for all my fellow governors, to say that we are all extremely proud of every student with their GCSE results, many of whom have delivered an outstanding performance resulting from hard work and dedication during their time at CPS. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to all our fantastic staff who put their heart and soul into the school, so impacting directly on the outcomes for our students.

We wish all our Year 11 leavers every success in their next endeavours, whatever that might be."

Jonathan Phillips - Chair of Governors





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