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Barcelona - June 2019

Year 9 and 10 students who are studying Spanish enjoyed a very exciting five day educational tour of Barcelona in June.  This was a great opportunity for the students to practise speaking Spanish and specifically their transactional language, which is now a key part of their speaking assessment for GCSE.

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The Barcelona trip is a great experience for anyone who enjoys learning about the Spanish culture.  On the trip you try new foods, see wonderful views and practise and improve on your spoken Spanish.  Personally, I feel more confident in speaking Spanish than I did before I went on the trip.  This was my first time in Barcelona and I loved it and I would definitely go again.

65154709_10157423002989637_7340885525965832192_nOn arrival we visited Park Guell, which was a park full of trees and birds and we entered the mosaic area there.  Later in the evening we went to a magic water fountain show, where there was loud music and an incredible water performance, including many coloured lights to add to the fountains.  

On Monday we visited La Sagrada Familia cathedral, which was designed by Antoni Gaudi, where we watched a video showing us what the cathedral is due to look like in 2026.   Next we visited Park de la Cituadella, where there are water fountains and detailed statues around.

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On Tuesday we visited Montjuic, a castle on top of a mountain, to look over Barcelona and see the perfect blue sea.  We then went to Poble Espanyol, a village which shows the different parts of Spain.

On the last day we went to the Nou Camp.  It was an unbelievable experience, learning about the history of the club, seeing all the trophies, the changing room, taking part in some challenges, sitting in the dugout and an overpriced but amazing megastore.  It was very interesting watching memorable goals scored by Barcelona players over the years and also seeing the difference in the game over the years (especially seeing a football from the early 1900s). 

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Overall, Barcelona is an incredible trip and one to go on!  This trip gives students the rights to leisure, play and culture or to speak another language.

Jake J (D05)

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