Model United Nations 2019

Sadly, MUN will not take place in 2020 but we hope to run this event again in October 2021
The 20th General Assembly at Calthorpe Park School
Wednesday 16th October 19 - This momentous occasion began with inspiring, introductory words from Headteacher, Mr. Amos and Assistant Headteacher, Ms Lonsdale. This was followed by the introduction of our head table: Head of Security Council, Secretariat General, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General. The event officially commenced with Ella Flynn beautifully singing ‘Don’t Watch Me Cry’ by Jorja Smith. The delegates then separated into their assigned committee rooms: Disarmament and International Security, Economic Financial and Environmental, Social Humanitarian and Cultural. After making alliances and encouraging countries with corresponding proposals to support them, the committee rooms voted on the most significant resolutions to discuss at Friday’s General Assembly. It was a great start to a remarkable 20th Model United Nations conference!

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Friday 18th October 19 - A musical performance from the Calthorpe Park Samba Band marked the start of Friday’s General Assembly. This was followed by a speech by our local Member of Parliament, Mr Ranil Jayawardena, speaking about environmental issues. The first resolution discussed, submitted by Republic of Ireland, was the question of Renewable Energy Provision. This included a debate considering a high percentage of USA tax going toward the project. Although this amendment was not passed, the resolution was rounded up with a decision of key developing countries to help LEDCs with financial problems on the matter.
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Following on, the United Kingdom proposed a second resolution to prevent violent crime perpetrated by gangs. As knife crime in the UK is on the rise, this important issue was supported by several member states. The UK also proposed that schools have a responsibility to educate young people about consequences of gang violence. In addition, amendments related to the extreme amount of American gun violence were added. The resolution was passed. Countries with higher rates of gang violence will contribute a higher amount of financial aid to support the project.
The third resolution, threat of ISIS and similar terrorist cells on International safety and security resulting in the formation of ATO, was submitted by Iraq, Egypt, Singapore, Sri Lanka and UK. This resolution allows ATO to have the power to sanction Nation States that supply arms or promote terrorist activity. After several amendments, the resolution was passed.
Resolution four, questioning upon Climate Change and Carbon Emissions from the Economic Financial and Environmental committee calls upon Member States to commit to reducing air pollution by imposing higher taxation on drivers of vehicles with combustion engines. This taxation money will fund essential research on how to improve the sustainability of public transport infrastructures. This resolution was passed with further discussion. However, the next resolution discussing the possibility of granting refugees temporary residence submitted by the United Arab Emirates was not successful, the resolution was not passed. The final resolution before the delegates stopped for a curry lunch supplied by the Gulshan was submitted by Israel and again the UAE with the questioning The Development of Quantum Technology. This resolution was not passed due to other countries failing to trust the promises Israel made about the new technology.
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Following on from resolution 7, the next resolution proposed by Hong Kong and China discussed the Mitigating Violence within Protests. The resolution endorses member states to respond with proportionate force: water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets where protestors fail to operate with principles because as Japan rightly said the UN’s aim to remain peace and ensure security throughout the countries. The final resolution of the General Assembly questioned the Improvement of Gender Equality in the workplace, submitted by Singapore. However, this was also heavily discussed by many other countries. It demands Member States assurance that the position of women in society is viewed positively and without preconceived misogyny.
A huge thank you needs to be said to our security team for helping the 2019 MUN event run smoothly. Furthermore, a massive thank you to our top table for organising our 20th MUN conference: Sebastian Fossati-Sharples, James Jones, Freya Adams and Jack Haddock.
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Another huge thank you to our research team, Euan Worth and James Stone, our professional photographer, Kevin Whibley, The Gulshan Restaurant, our technology team and local MP Mr Ranil Jayawardena. Also to supporting associations ‘The Rotary Club’ and Farnborough Airport. On behalf of everyone involved in this years Model United Nations, we would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Calthorpe Park, especially Ms Lonsdale, Mrs Collinson and Mr Amos.
Written by the Press Team: Bobbi MacDonald, Talisha Tomsett, Jessica Ellis

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