Model United Nations Intro

MUN 1What does Model United Nations (MUN) involve?

MUN is a simulation of the real United nations.  Students must take on the role of a country represented in the General Assembly.  They must represent that country's attitudes, interests and alliances as accurately as they are able.


How are MUN teams organised?
Ideally students will get together in teams of three.  There is no limit to the number of teams that can enter from any school; the entrance fee is per person, not per team!  Each team must state a priority list of three preferred countries.  No guarantees can be made regarding country allocation.  Each of the team members represents different aspects of their country's interests at the three committees:

  • 1st Committee: Disarmament and International Security
  • 2nd Committee: Economic, Financial and Environmental
  • 3rd Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
Will training be given?
The MUN calendar of events shows that some training will be necessary before the event.  Research and training packs will enable staff to guide students through the process.  Students will have to do a considerable amount of their own research outside of these sessions.  Limited resources on each country will be available and lists of good sources will be distributed. 
Why take part?

MUN 2MUN is always an incredibly rewarding experience.  It is fun!  Students learn the skills of research, analysis and diplomacy.  As citizenship programmes develop in schools, MUN is an ideal activity.  However, more significantly, there has surely been no more pertinent time since the Second World War to promote an awareness of the diverse nature of our world and the varying problems that individual nations face.