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ELSA - May 2024

Congratulations Luna, who as part of the affiliate CAL programme, has achieved her foundation stage assessment. She was presented with her bronze award certificate by Mr John and will be wearing her new coat with pride. Luna is now working towards her silver award which will involve her learning some new skills such as rolling a dice or choosing a card – these skills will be used in our ELSA interventions and clubs. She has a dice that we can change the faces, meaning it can be used as a conversation starter or for playing a game. Luna enjoys learning as it generally involves a lot of treats and attention from students!

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Congratulations to our new cohort of Mental Health Ambassadors who recently completed their training with our CAMHS Mental Health Support Team. Students attended a full morning of training and were joined by students from Alderwood School for the event. We are looking forward to seeing how they build on the great work of our outgoing Ambassadors in the support of the mental health and wellbeing of all our students.

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