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Y7 Winchester Cathedral - March 2023

On Friday 10th March, we undertook our second Year 7 visit of the year to the delightful Winchester Cathedral and Education Centre.  The group enjoyed a very informative tour of the Cathedral and took part in a workshop about Medieval Medicine, which included the making of restorative Pomanders as well as the enthusiastic role-plays for which our students have become rather renowned!  It was a really enjoyable and informative experience for all involved.

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The Antony Gormley sculpture in the crypt is Ms Wayman's favourite. Apparently there is a tube inside which runs from the foot and takes up the water to the heart and then out into the cupped hands which is meant to represent grief.

“Sound II Gormley

Sir Antony Gormley's sculpture entitled “Sound II” has stood in the Crypt below Winchester Cathedral since the late 1980s. During the rainy months, the mysterious sculpture can often be found holding water in its cupped hands, silent in contemplation as the level rises around him to cover the stone floor.”


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