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Gremlin Dance Challenge - March 2023


Two Dance teams entered the Gremlin Dance Challenge in Aldershot last night.  This was the 14th year for this event and the theme for 2023 was "Time".

The Year 8 girls called their dance Time Changes Us:
Life is 'normal' as they know it, school and friendship, and the buzz of life happening, no one expected covid, the breaking news that meant isolation and separation took place, time froze and long, empty days ahead and friendships and people broken apart.  Time changed us.  Back together again after covid, but time has moved on and so has life and how we see.  What is 'normal' now, time can change at any point in life, we have to learn to adapt and move with the changing times in life.

The Year 11 girls called their dance Through Thick and Thin:
The dance is based around the idea that time is something that everything revolves around.  Our dance tells a story of our dancing maturing as time goes on and it show the evolution of friendships as we will include falling outs.  We will also start our piece as younger children just starting out in their friendship and ends in the same way to show that time is always moving and circles back.

The Year 8 team won Best Use of Musicality and the Year 11s won Most Dramatic Performance. The standard was extremely high and our Dance teams did our school proud! 


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