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Year 9/10 Whitechapel trip - July 2022

Due to popular demand for a second trip, on Friday July 8th 57 Year 9 and 10 GCSE History students went on a tour of Whitechapel, London providing an engaging and relevant review of the Historic Environment: Whitechapel c1870-1900, crime, policing, and the inner city. This enrichment experience brought the topic alive for students, helping them to visualise the environment in a way which a textbook cannot. Students enjoyed learning about, through expert knowledge and contemporary sources; housing and overcrowding; unemployment and poverty; immigration and segregation; the problems caused by alcohol and prostitution; protection rackets, gangs, and violent demonstrations and policing the slum area of Whitechapel.  

A fantastic sunny day (unlike the rain downpour of our April Trip) for both staff and students and enjoyed by all.  

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