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Geography - May 2022

Year 7 students were given a Geography homework project where they had to create a sustainable town. They were given freedom in the way in which they wanted to present their town and the different elements that they wanted to incorporate in these. Some students drew their towns, others created virtual reality towns and some built theirs from scratch using renewable resources where possible.

Mollie H created a sustainable town where she used elements such as solar panels and wind turbines. In Mollie’s town, no cars are allowed and the community has to make use of bicycles. Mollie’s town also grows their own produce to reduce the carbon footprint.

Marc S created a sustainable town using Lego pieces. The main attraction in Marc’s town was the water wheel which was created so that his town had a sustainable source of energy. The water wheel could manually be switched on and off by the teacher when testing to see if it would be successful - and it was!

Elisa S’s sustainable town was made using paper and toothpicks. Elisa was able to make a variety of elements, noticeably her recycling centre and trading centre stood out.

The Geography department was impressed by the creativity and the innovation from all the Year7s - well done!

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