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Language Leaders - October 2019

“Bonjour, we are Anna and Megan and we are part of the French Language Leader team.  Through our role, this year we want to help inspire young people to learn languages in fun and exciting ways.”

“Hola!  Our names are Daisy and Mia and we are Spanish Language Leaders.  We are really excited and ready to embrace this role, to share our love of languages and encourage younger years to take it up as a GCSE in the future.  Languages are very beneficial – not only are they fun, but they improve your memory and are a useful and impressive skill for the future – Buenos dias!”

“We chose to be German Language Leaders because German is so fun and interesting.  We all love to have a challenge and that’s what learning a new language is about.  We want to improve our German and help younger children learn the importance of languages.  It gives amazing skills and valuable talent, which is why we want to teach younger years, so they have that extra skill.”

Language Leaders


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