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Westminster Trip - Spring 2014

On Wednesday 7 May we went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament as a result of winning best dressed team, (representing Kenya) at the Model United Nations last October.  We were joined by 3 students from Guildford County School at Waterloo and then made our way to Westminster together. 

After going through heavy security checks, we embarked on a great tour, learning all about the fascinating history of this British landmark.  We then proceeded through an underground tunnel and went to our local MP’s (James Arbuthnot) impressive office in Portcullis House, which had the most amazing view over the Thames and Big Ben.  We discussed the resolutions that had been passed at MUN, which resulted in some lively debate and was fun to contribute to.  In the end it was agreed that James Arbuthnot would submit two of these resolutions to the relevant Parliamentary bodies.

After some photos, we left to enjoy a superb lunch at the Jubilee Café in the Palace and then went to the ‘Strangers Gallery’ in the House of Commons  (fairly plain) and the House of Lords (extravagant).  In the House of Lords we spotted Lord Robert Winston having a nap although the debate was quite lively.  Sadly, this was our last event of the day, so we made our way across Westminster Bridge, parting with the students from Guildford at Waterloo.

We had a wonderful day and can’t wait for MUN again next year!
Tasha D (Y10 S09), Hannah M (Y10 K09) and Olivia H (Y10 S10)


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