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The Calthorpe Park consortium is an exciting place to work and learn. We have a long and successful history of training and developing future teachers and are proud to offer a number of placements. 

The consortium comprises eight very varied schools which present dynamic and exciting training possibilities for those wishing to pursue a career in teaching. We have five secondary schools in the consortium, one of which also has a sixth form. We also have one junior school, one primary school and one special needs primary school which provides a unique opportunity for trainees to experience a very different educational setting.

Calthorpe Park School is the lead school in this consortium and our partner schools are located in north-east Hampshire within a few miles of each other. Our partners include:

The University of Reading has a long and highly successful experience of ITT and particularly of working with schools on school-based training programmes. Initial Teacher Training courses at the University of Reading are based on the belief that education is about active and meaningful learning through which teachers become analytical, creative and receptive to new ideas. The University works closely with its Partnership schools, planning and delivering training programmes in collaboration: teaching is practice - as well as research-led. Schools are supported in recruiting the highest-calibre trainees who become excellent teachers at the end of their training.

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