Hitches Lane roadworks

Message from Berkeley Homes, Tuesday 23 May 2023

The works to date have not been too disruptive, however yesterday was the first day that Traffic Lights were deployed on Hitches Lane and this highlighted a few issues. We would therefore like to voluntarily update you all weekly on matters whilst the traffic lights are in position on Hitches Lane, which will be until 16/06/2023, and then we shall take a view going forwards together.

The emergency phone number for any works related queries is: 07951366585

The permit number for the project is: FF106RJ506648-18


Issues arising 22/05/2023:

  1. Feedback received that school children were witnessed walking in the road along Hitches Lane and also at the crossing point adjacent Elvetham Way

We have checked signage, and although everything that has been deployed on site is to standards, we shall increase signage to re-iterate the diversion route-this will be closed out fully by tomorrow, and until then, Walkers/BHS will man the crossing points to ensure safety.


  1. Speeding motorists along Reading Rd North Southbound towards the crossing point

We have reviewed this morning, and have decided to deploy a temporary controlled (Push-button Traffic Signal) crossing point for the duration of the Phase 2 works. This was installed a short while ago and so is now ready to use.


  1. Delays to traffic generally

The traffic signals deployed on Hitches Lane will create congestion, and this morning the sensors to the traffic signal heads failed, meaning that the contractor deployed their emergency plan and took over the works using manual “Stop & Go” boards. This cleared the area up swiftly. The emergency number did receive a high level of calls, not all of them could be answered, however the initial queries were dealt with ASAP, all of which related to the signal issues.


The works phasing:

  1. Phase 1 is now complete - did not require traffic signals
  2. Phase 2 commenced yesterday - traffic signals will be in place for a period of 4 weeks (22/05/2023 – 16/06/2023)

All works will be complete by the end of August.


The pedestrian diversion route:

During Phase 2 works, the pedestrian diversion route to Hitches Lane will be as follows:

Pedestrian route