Welcome from Senior Students 23-24


We are Sofia and Oskar, and we are the Heads of Sustainability. We are a dedicated team who will lead Calthorpe towards a greener and more sustainable future. We are committed to implementing impactful strategies and initiatives that will ensure continuous improvement and positive change throughout the school. We will integrate sustainability into various aspects of the school's operations. This plan encompasses several areas, including energy conservation, waste management, water usage, and sustainable transportation. We additionally intend to increase our plant life and help insects, such as bees, and other pollinators thrive . We look forward to working with the Calthorpe community to develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability plan. 

Wellbeing and Student VoiceWe are Imogen, Khahélia, and Rafi: your Heads of Student Voice and Wellbeing. All members of our school community deserve to feel listened to and understood. We endeavour to ensure all concerns, questions, worries, and ideas are voiced effectively. This is ensured through our weekly forum, PRIME! Given we spend such a significant amount of time at school, it is important we create an environment that students can learn effectively and relish from their time at Calthorpe. Not just that, we care for your mental wellbeing and therefore work closely with ELSA and the Mental Health Ambassadors. We are thrilled to represent and help raise your voice. If in doubt, we are more than happy to help! 

Extra Curricular

We are Jake, Gemma and Tabby and we are the Heads of Student Enrichment. We are really excited to work with the school to create exciting opportunities that will improve personal development and wellbeing of the students through extra-curricular engagement. We believe that participating in extra-curricular activities improves students’ wellbeing as well as helping students to make new friends and learn new skills. Here at CPS, extra-curricular is very important and we already have been running things such as sports clubs, after school clubs and the annual Model United Nations and Bar Mock for the older years. There is also the very successful STEM club which participates in many competitions. Our roles are to support these wonderful extra-curricular activities, inspire more people to attend and to also create new opportunities. Seeing as our role is new, we are very much looking forward to getting lots of ideas from the student body to help provide a more varied array of activities at Calthorpe and to improve the wellbeing of students. We look forward to working with you all and if you have any questions or ideas for us please do not hesitate to get in touch!  

Heads of Prefects

We are Anisa and Krystian and we are the Heads of Prefects. Our role is to ensure that the events and initiatives we plan for the school run smoothly with the help of our fantastic team of prefects. As well as organising and supporting prefects in their duties, we will be looking for innovative ways to improve our school community. This year, we also hope to increase awareness of our enthusiastic team of prefects throughout our new houses and work with them to fuel their house's team spirit. Please feel free to come up and talk to us with any queries or concerns. 



We are Charlotte and Jay and we’re Calthorpe Park’s Heads of Diversity and Inclusion. Our role at school is to ensure that all staff and students feel safe and respected in a supportive environment. Calthorpe Park has grown into a diverse and multicultural school and we aim to promote and educate everyone about the importance of respect, equality and diversity.




We are Esmé and Jonnie, your Heads of Charities, and we are thrilled to be representing the school’s integral belief of charity. We will be doing this by organising exciting events and fundraisers that not only benefit the school community but local, national, and international charities too. Our aim is to provide support and raise awareness for those who are less fortunate than us in alignment with the school’s values. Please reach out to us with any questions or ideas regarding our endeavour to aid those who are most vulnerable. 



We are Zara and Lillia, and we are the Heads of Academic Support - a newly introduced role in the SSLT team! Our job is to provide you with resources and guidance to excel in your studies. We aim to ensure that you have access to the support you need to achieve your academic goals, from offering studying strategies to establishing a mentoring program. If you have any questions or ideas, don’t be shy to reach out to us!