Summer School 2021

During the first two weeks of the Summer Holiday this year, we welcomed around 45 children to take part in our Summer School Programme, here at Calthorpe Park School.  Running for two weeks, we provided a selection of our forthcoming new Yr7 intake the opportunity to take part in an organised programme. Not all of the children attended all days of the two weeks and a pre-planned attendance pattern was agreed in advance.  We hosted, planned and delivered the event in-house.

The days were organised much like an ordinary school day, with timetabled sessions, break and lunchtimes. Children were invited to take part if, during previous discussions with parents or the child's Junior School, it was agreed that a short Summer School programme would provide them the chance to settle in to secondary school life more quickly when they joined in September.

Summer School 21

Topics included some English and Maths lessons in the mornings, as well as skill building, reading, story time and other activity based sessions during the day.  We arranged the children in to three working groups of up to around 15 per group.  Each group was supported by a designated member of staff all day whilst different teachers provided each different session topic. A team of other colleagues helped with all the administrative and broader support duties for, and during, each day.

The scheme was funded by the DfE as part of the national plan for schools to provide a Summer School programme. We were able to claim up to a maximum amount of money per child per day.  This funding was used to cover costs of all the preparation, planning and delivery time for staff as well as pay for materials and other spending that was needed.  A total of £19,915 has been claimed. £17,175 has been spent on staffing and the remainder used to cover costs of materials, cleaning and other provisions.

During the Summer School programme, and since the start of the autumn term in September, parents and children who took part in the scheme have commented very favourably about the success of the two weeks. Some children were slightly cautious about the idea of attending school during their summer break but, once here, most of them were very happy and enjoyed the sessions and activities during the days they attended.  Since these children have joined our school, now as Year 7 students, we have realised how useful it was for them to have taken part in the Summer School. Their level of confidence grew and so they were much more "secondary ready" in September.  Well done to all our Summer School participants!