Transition Letters/Information

Below is a list of documents have been sent out electronically so far:

Number Name Description
1 Letter 1 Letter from the Headteachers about accepting the place (2.3.21)
2 Letter 2 Letter to parents from Mrs Lambert giving further information with some forms to be completed
3 Letter 3 Letter sent to students
4 Letter 4 Letter sent to parents regarding information evening on 1 July and start date for Year7 on 6 September
5 Assembly delivered to Junior students Information about staffing, Calthorpe Way, groupings, timetables, maps and more
6 Uniform information A reminder of the expected uniform and equipment required in September

BINGO Summer Reading Challenge and
Letter from Library
A BINGO task provided by the Library for all keen readers
9 CPS Learning Activity Booklet A booklet with a brief outline of Year 7 Learning in each of our subjects
10 CPS Curriculum Booklet A booklet containing tasks/activities from each subject
Crime Reading List and
Letter from English
A list of books to choose one or more to read to aid transition into English
13 Tutor Group Allocation Letter from Mrs Lambert about Tutor Group allocation
14 Travel Information about travel to school

Information Evening Recording and 
Link to video and PowerPoint from Information Evening on Thursday 1st July
17 Working Group Letter from Mrs Lambert about Working Group allocation
A booklet containing resources and activities to work through over the Summer holidays, should you choose to, to help prepare for the learning in Year 7 for French, German or Spanish.
21 Letter 5 Letter sent to parents on 25 June regarding the Transition day for Year 7 students on Monday 6 September
22 Design a Boot Design a Boot page from Mrs Lambert
23 Virtual Tour Virtual tour of the school
24 Room Map A map of the school showing all the room numbers