Virtual Open Event - October 2020

Welcome to Year 6 children and their parents who are interested in finding out more about our school before applying for a Year 7 place next September!  We normally hold a lively Open Evening each October with talks by the Headteachers, many staff available from each department, and tours around the school led by our enthusiastic students, some of whom have only been with us for a matter of weeks.  This has had to be replaced this year with a virtual event and we hope you enjoy these videos about our school:

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We are delighted to report again this year that the school has celebrated some excellent GCSE results, with some outstanding achievement and progress across the school. Education is not, however, about results only. As a school, we promote a much broader set of skills and dispositions, underpinned by care and support, which we call The Calthorpe Way. Our pastoral system is outstanding, helping students whenever they need it and ensuring that our core community values of mutual respect, care and responsibility are always promoted. We are recognized as a Rights Respecting School and as an Eco School, so reinforcing our commitment to these values


Please see this presentation which shows a normal year here when we run our usual trips and events

Click here for details about RE and Psychology

Mrs Lambert made this video with last year's Year 7 students to help our new joiners

This booklet was prepared earlier this year with a brief description of each department


After watching these videos and reading the information, if you have further queries about the school before you complete your secondary school application, please email and we will collate responses here on this page.

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Thanks for all the positive comments so far!

11 years after leaving I’m still so grateful for everything that Calthorpe did for me in two short years when I arrived at the start of year 10. I would certainly not be nearly the person I am today without the support and wisdom of the teachers (it was so good to hear and see a few of them in these videos!) and my form tutor. The friendships I made there are still going strong 11 years later. I cannot thank the school enough and wish I could do it all again.

What an amazing collection of videos. The opening comments brought a tear to my eye. These are such tough times and yet our children are battling back and continuing to work hard with your (and other local schools) support.
I love your open evenings, and I have always enjoyed seeing my children demonstrating and talking to prospective parents.
These videos have given my daughter a buzz about joining you next year. And whilst I hope by the time Rose joins in a few years the open days will return, in the meantime, great work.
Do they really blow that much stuff up in science?
Great presentations, I have to say I did feel really sad for all those students that have missed out on the extra enrichment activities in the last few months. However as the parent of a child who was part of year 11 last year I can also say that Calthorpe School has done an amazing job of giving the students all the opportunities they can even in these very difficult circumstances.
On the off chance that any Calthorpe staff read this, the virtual open evening tonight was quite simply outstanding. The time and care that went into the videos was self-evident and made me so happy that it’s our catchment school.
Take a bow, you did a brilliant job!