Parents FAQs

Question 1 - When can we purchase the school uniform bits from the school office that are not online? 
I am currently in conversation with the admin team on how and when it is best to do this. It very much depends on what plans we can put in place before July. I will keep you updated when we have more info as a school. We are working on using our platform Edulink to be able to communicate with Year 6 parents, which also allows us to create payments etc
In the meantime, here is a link to the other school uniform that needs to be purchased from a website (reference in the recent electronic paperwork that has just been sent out).
Question 2 - When do we find out what house our children will be in?
This is something that I do need to leave as late as I can because of potential changes that take place. I need all the paperwork from parents and I also need to have spoken with all the feeder schools. Because people are still withdrawing and therefore new places are being offered, I need to hang on as long as I can so that the data is as up to date as possible. In previous years this information is shared on Transition Days. Again, watch this space.
Question 3 - When/Where can children confirm their uniform’s size?
Sadly there will be no opportunity to try on any sizes. If you follow the link in Document 1 (sent out Monday 11th May) to the SWI page, I am sure that the uniform you purchase has free returns. I think the best way forward will be to take guidance from their website and maybe purchase a couple of sizes, in order to send the wrong size back.
Question 4 - When will planners be available to buy?
Planners are provided by the school given out in September.
Question 5 - Do you have any specific recommended scientific calculator? We will buy a new one so please advise.
As part of our sundries (referred to above) we sell a scientific calculator at a very good price (we are able to buy in bulk and NOT charge VAT). In the meantime, if you wanted to purchase one, I would recommend a CASIO. This is similar to the one we sell at school – Casio Scientific Calculator FX-83GTXBLACK 
Question 6 – What should the WINTER school uniform for Year 7 return look like?