School Reopening - Updates from the Headteachers

Staff at school have created this video, giving details about movement around school via the CPS Highway.

See this letter from the Headteachers regarding reporting absence with Covid - 18th September

A further update from the Headteachers on 8th September.

Updated letter issued by the Headteachers on 3rd September regarding returning in the Autumn Term

Letter issued by the Headteachers on 17th July regarding returning to school in September

Letter to Y10 Parents issued by the Headteachers on 21 May and revision on 29 May

Home Learning letter issued by the Headteachers on 15 May

Isolation at Calthorpe: Week 7!

Design and Technology, Geography and Orienteering were some of the extra activities we enjoyed in our 7th week of isolation at Calthorpe. 
On Monday, we all made a little gadget called a ‘cable tidy’ for our mobile phones.  Not only was this a fun activity but also a very useful one. Thank you Mr Elsey!
On Tuesday, we practised our orienteering skills with Ms Plunkett and enjoyed some additional physical exercise, fresh air and sunshine as well.
We completed our jewellery boxes on Wednesday.  We were all proud of the fact that they were almost as good as Mr Edwards’…… but with his help of course!
IMG_5431     IMG_5432     IMG_5434
On Thursday, we played ‘Where in the World’ with Ms Chidgey  and Mrs Wayman.  We were all asked to think of a place in the world that we had visited and found interesting.  Then we researched as many facts as possible about our chosen place and were given 20 minutes to produce a fact sheet on it. At the end of this time, we each gave a presentation about our chosen place to the group.  Mrs Wayman and Ms Chidgey mounted our fact sheets on a large map of the world so that everyone could clearly see their locations.  It was a great activity that we all enjoyed and learned from.  Nobody specifically won the presentation competition because we were apparently ‘all brilliant’….….. or so Mrs Wayman said!
BW 1 BW 2
BW 3 BW 4

Blog from the top from the Headteachers, 7th May

Letter from the Headteachers about VE Day, issued on 5th May

Isolation at Calthorpe: Week 6!

Mr Harris is one of our Science teachers so, on Monday, when he told us he was going to show us how to make jewellery, we were rather surprised. Once we had done our on-line learning, he laid out an amazing selection of coloured beads in all shapes and sizes.  Some were glass, some were resin, some were metal but they were all brill. Eat your heart out Hobby Craft!  After we had admired and felt the texture of the different beads, Mr Harris showed us how to make a bracelet. It was a really fun activity and, at the end, we gave him a round of applause to show how much we had enjoyed it. We wore our bracelets as we left school that day, showing them off to all who would look.  
On Tuesday, Mr Edwards set us a challenge: ‘Could we make a jewellery box as good as the one he had made?’  When he showed us the prototype  he had made, we all thought ‘easy!’ But we were wrong.  Getting the measurements exact so that the box would, first of all fit together, and then close, was quite a challenge. So, we had to take a step back.  We worked hard but time ran out so, next week, we’ll finish them off and find out whether the apprentices can be as good as the Master! Most of us have decided that, once we get them home, we’ll keep them as a great present for our mums on their next birthday or at Christmas. It has been another fun but quite challenging activity and we think it has also taught us that woodwork, as with many things in life, needs to be done with precision and care.
On Wednesday, Ms Chidgey organised a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which we really enjoyed.  Lilly and Tru both won prizes. Then, on Thursday, Mr Bullion and Mrs Plunkett helped us finish the pin-hole cameras that we had started the week before. We were all excited to experience for ourselves how something so simple could, at the same time, be so interesting and we all agreed that Jamie’s camera was the best. Mr Bullion said that next week we will be doing a lesson involving ball bearings and echos……. our minds boggle. Watch this space!
Every day we get the chance to do a sports activity in our new Sports Hall.  It’s a great  venue, especially when it’s raining. To round off the week, Mrs Timms cooked us all fish fingers and chips with loads of ketchup and Mr Talibart organised a quiz with a focus on environmental geography.
Josh and Archie are in charge of watering our seedlings every day. They are doing great  - check out the photos to see how much they have grown since last week!
bean     tomatoes     Courgette
All in all, another good week in isolation at Calthorpe.
By Jay, Drew and Mason

Home Schooling update issued here - Friday 24 April 2020

Isolation at Calthorpe Park!  Week 5

Week 5 already and another week in school, completing the learning tasks our teachers have set us, interspersed by great fun activities and sports lessons to keep us fit.

On Monday, we created ‘white light’ in Science with Mr Barratt and then, in the afternoon, with Miss Oram’s help, we used drama to explain,to an imaginary audience, what we had learnt about the colour white! Everyone should try acting out a colour…. it’s really challenging! But great fun too.  

Tuesday was Italian Food Day with Mrs Wayman and Mrs Timms Blanch.  We made Italian ‘grissini’ (bread sticks to us!), ‘focaccia’ (which, as Mrs Timms explained, is often wrongly called ‘pizza’) and minestrone soup.  Mrs Wayman brought in half of her kitchen cupboard and most of her herb garden so that we would have an exciting array of ingredients to work with. Our minestrone soups were delicious and so full of goodness that we felt we should, perhaps, mass produce them and distribute them around Fleet as a ‘super-food’!  Some of the Year 7 boys, however, decided to be very ‘British’ and make scones.  Not only did they learn how to make the scones (which everyone enjoyed eating), they also learned that, if you want your food to be cooked, you actually have to turn the oven on first!

Focaccia     Box camera

After completing our Edulink learning on Wednesday, we played an ‘Escape Room’ game with Miss Kiernan. Thursday’s special activity was great fun also because we made box cameras with Mrs Proctor.  These are now ready and waiting for us to put lenses in them so that we can use them on Monday in another science activity.

On Friday, we carried out a scientific investigation into the reaction between the soft drink Coca Cola and the mint sweets Mentos.  We did this with Mr Findlay and found that you get a more vigorous reaction when the Mentos are cut into smaller pieces.  We were all amazed at the ‘vigorous reaction’!  If people want some excitement during Lockdown they really, really do need to do this experiment!

PS. We’d just like to announce that the seeds we planted last week are already sprouting beautifully. Check out the photos!

French bean     tomatoes

By Jamie, Cadence, Zak and Mason

Letter sent to Year 11 students (and their parents) - 22 April 2020

Isolation at Calthorpe Park! - Week Four - Friday 17 April 2020

Although it’s beginning to seem that we have been in isolation forever, we’ve just realised that this is actually only Week Four!  Having said that, we have really enjoyed this week also.  
Being school holidays, the focus this week has been on fun activities.  We have played a variety of board and sports games.  On Thursday afternoon, Mr Borkowski and Ms Griffiths enjoyed playing ‘Qwirkle’ with students, although they didn’t win!
On Tuesday morning we made a variety of models using air-dry clay with Mrs Timms Blanch and Ms Wrighton.  We hope to paint them next week, when the clay has fully dried. In the afternoon we had loads of fun with Mr Matharu, playing silly golf using hockey sticks and tennis balls.
Our activity on Friday morning was gardening with Mrs Timms Blanch and Mrs Wayman. We planted beetroot, courgette, French beans, tomato and lettuce seeds as well as a variety of flower seeds such as nasturtiums and sunflowers.   Before we planted our seeds, Mrs Wayman gave us a very interesting talk about each of the different seeds and how best to plant them and help them sprout. Then we used compost to plant up a number of little pots donated by Country Market, Bordon.  Mr Darmanin provided us with wooden lolly-pop sticks so that we could put the names of the seeds in each of the pots. We’re going to have a competition to see whose sunflower seed grows the tallest!  When we returned to class, we used Google to research the seeds we had planted and produced a fact sheet on our particular seed.
image 9    image 10    image 8    image 6
To top it all, we watched a film in the hall on Friday afternoon …….. complete with warm popcorn. Joy!
Josh, Keira, Zac and Chelsea 

It may be Easter Monday but Calthorpe Park is open as usual! - Monday 13 April 2020

Colleagues from our Technology Department are hard at work producing PPE. 
Made from polypropylene and plastic sheeting, the team is mass producing face visors that will go to support local hospitals in their fight against Covid-19 infection.   
Tech 1

Isolation at school - Friday 10 April 2020

Since schools closed, this has been our third week of coming into Calthorpe every day and, even though it’s now the holiday period, we can both say that we are still enjoying all the activities!

Although we are completing some Edulink tasks set by our teachers, the focus for this week has been activities that are fun and challenging in a variety of other ways.

On Monday, we created balloon-powered cars with Mr Elsey and then had fun racing them. Zak’s car won the race!  On Monday afternoon, we gathered flowers and shrubbery from our gardens around the school with Mrs Wayman.  Back at our little ‘nest’ in school, aka the Art Block, we turned all the lovely flowers, leaves and stems into Easter bouquets. The plan was to take them home to our mums, but we forgot ours in school!

On Tuesday, Ms Loosemore  made our morning both challenging and healthy with an orienteering activity. In the afternoon,  we were blown away by Mr Barratt’s lesson on holograms.  We began with the challenge of making Perspex square pyramids which we placed on our phones,  playing moving images. It was exciting to see these images in 3D and really life-like.  We also experimented with lots of different sized pyramids which gave us different sized holograms and images.

After we had made sure that we had completed all our home learning, Origami was our key activity for Wednesday morning. In the afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine with activities organised for us by Mr Taylor such as a basketball shooting challenge followed by an Easter-themed badminton chocolate challenge. Exhausting but delicious!

By Zac and Josh

Letter sent to Year 11 students and parents regarding their exam results - Wednesday 8th April

Letters issued by the Headteachers on Friday 3rd April 2020

Home Learning Expectations          Letter to Year 11 Students          Letter to Students in Years 7-10

Letter to Parents from the Chair of Governors

Isolation at school - 30 March - 3 April 2020

What the students still in school during the closure got up to this week!


Another week ‘in isolation’ at Calthorpe ……. but time has passed in a flash as we have had so much fun!
After completing all the lessons our various subject teachers have set us for home study, we have enjoyed some fabulous alternative ways of learning.  For example, we investigated the dispersion of white light into a beautiful rainbow spectrum with Ms Proctor and Mr Barratt took us through a lesson on the structure of plant cells using an onion.  We also paid another visit to the school pond so that we could collect some samples of water plant roots and compare them, under the microscope, to land plants that live in sunny and shady areas.
To keep us fit, we played badminton, basketball and dodge ball with Ms Loosemore, Mr Taylor and Mr Margileski. And we kept fit with Mr Barclay.
Drama with Ms Oram was brilliant and we enjoyed watching the Punctuation Show followed by a Music and General Knowledge Quiz with Mrs Al Dabagh and Ms Meaden. We made music with Miss Kearns.


‘Hope’ was the theme for our RE/Craft lesson with Mrs Timms Blanch and Ms Wayman.  After considering the need to remain positive and hopeful in these challenging times, we made cards to remind us all that there is always a rainbow after the rain!
Archie H, Year 9



Isolation at school - 23-27 March 2020

A report on what the students who are still coming into school every day during the closure have been getting up to…….


‘Isolation, empty class rooms, empty halls, empty playground. Silence! The only sound we can hear is the birds singing. We often wish for peace and quiet but now we have it, it seems too much!

The buildings are silent, like empty mausoleums. The playgrounds almost look like the exercise grounds you see in prison films when the prisoners are still locked inside. A sad sight because, up until just a few days ago, they were filled with noisy students playing football……

But all is not lost!

Our parents are Key Workers and we are still coming into school every day. We call ourselves ‘The Isolation Team’! Made up today of  Tru, Dan, Josh, Archie, Zack and myself, we are doing fine. We’ve been happy, completing all our activities and creating friendship bonds that will last until we leave Calthorpe.

IMG_2067     IMG_2065

We have been very productive, getting our school work done, doing Science experiments, playing badminton, painting, singing, working out with the Body Coach and, of course, enjoying the canteen meals which have been specially provided for us. For all of which we are very grateful.

We thought you might enjoy a few photos of our week in isolation!’

Report by Lillie
Photos by Dan

IMG_2045     IMG_2039     IMG_2049

IMG_2061     IMG_2037     IMG_2046

Access to Calthorpe Park School during the period of school closure

Please be aware that from 24th March 2020, access to the school will be via the side Service Road. 

All other external gates will remain locked.

Supervised activities for students attending school will be held in the Art and Technology Block and adjacent sports area. 

Friday 20th March 2020

A temporary farewell……..
We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt, but temporary farewell (not goodbye!) to all our wonderful students who we will miss hugely in the weeks to come.
Many staff and quite a large number of students will be in school during this period of closure but, without the full ‘Calthorpe community’, life just won’t be the same!
We reserve a special au revoir, good luck and thank you for all of our wonderful Year 11 students. We hope to welcome you all back to Calthorpe Park before the end of the Summer Term, but these are uncertain times and we simply don’t know what lies ahead. We certainly expect to see almost all of you at the Prom in September.
You have been the most amazing year group and the way you have conducted yourselves over these past few days, and especially, the way that you have coped with the shock of a  potentially sudden and premature end to your school career, has been hugely inspiring. You have set a standard of resilience, responsibility, care and integrity that will be a model for future years.
Please do not worry about your GCSE grades. We know how steadfastly the vast majority of you have worked. We know that most of you simply wanted the opportunity to sit exams to show just how talented you are. Sometimes, however, life sends you a curve ball and your ability to bounce back stronger, more resolute and even more accomplished is what defines you as a person. We know you are the kind of young people who will find strength in adversity and flourish in the future.
We will be issuing regular updates, as and when we get more information, and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or even news about what positive things you are getting up to. We would love to hear from you.
In the meantime, look after yourselves, your families and each other. Even in these days of self-isolation and social distancing, we can still help each other and change the world for the better.
With very best wishes
Martin Amos and Melanie Hooper
Head Teachers

Thursday 19th March 2020                    

Dear Parents

You will be very aware of the Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon that from this weekend schools will be closed to all but certain student groups. These are challenging and uncertain times and this is an unprecedented action by central Government. Ministers have still to clarify certain requirements of this closure.

It will then take us some time to fully introduce our plans and to ensure that all of our community is appropriately briefed. Over the next couple of days, we will be contacting all parents with details of the arrangements that will be put in place by Calthorpe Park to support our young people in their learning and wellbeing. This will include how to access the already substantial bank of resources prepared by our staff for self-study.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing all students who are well and not self-isolating in school on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for your support.

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Home Learning work area for students - our staff have worked really hard to provide study resources for students, and the area is now available to access on Moodle here.  Students can access the relevant year group area by using their usual school computer log in details.  Further work can also be found within subject areas in Moodle too.