Road Safety

Road Safety - 22 March 2019

BikeEvery month or so we have a phone call from a resident or a local driver to convey their worry about the way that one of our students has used their bike or not been safe when crossing a road.

Last year one of our students was hit by a car on their way home – they had simply stepped out in front of the car.  Fortunately the only injury was severe bruising – the car had a cracked windscreen.

Pedestrians and cyclists have a responsibility to use the paths and roads safely. Sadly, the more common accidents are caused by the careless and carefree mindset of slightly older students.

In recent assemblies students have been reminded yet again about local safely.

Parents, please take a few moments to check your child’s walking or cycling route, crossing points, junctions, ways to stay safe and dangers to look out for. Cycle helmets are so important too!