Information for Candidates

Information for all prospective candidates for a post at Calthorpe Park School

Please be aware that it is our practice to ask all potential applicants for posts at Calthorpe Park to confirm that they are willing to embrace the following principles of working and leadership.

We value the particular culture and ethos of this school and work hard to ensure that it is supportive, open minded and founded on the principles of growth mindset. We expect all staff to follow the standards and approaches that underpin all that we do. These are defined as ‘The Calthorpe Way’ and impact on all roles as teacher, tutor, mentor, administrator, manager and leader.

Students at Calthorpe Park have the right to be respected and taught in an experiential and dynamic way that reflects their needs and the needs of the curriculum/syllabus; this should be within an ethos of creativity and good humour and one which promotes independence and positive learning dispositions.

We are a Rights Respecting school and as such expect all members of our community to treat each other with care, consideration and respect.

Finally, the management/leadership style of the school endeavours to be supportive and non-dictatorial but, within such a philosophy, we expect all staff and students to respect the leadership of the institution and speak positively about the school on all occasions.

If you have any queries please contact Wendy Haynes on 01252 618186 or by email on