Hart and the surrounding area

Fleet pond 3Situated in the north east of Hampshire and centred on Fleet, Hart enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the best places to live, featuring as the number one location in the Halifax Bank’s annual survey. The reasons are far reaching and include health, happiness, quality of life, ease of access to the rest of the country and London in particular, as well as high quality education for young people at all levels. These qualities have made the area a rich ground for developers and consequently there is considerable housing growth in the vicinity. Calthorpe Park has already grown to accommodate such increasing numbers of children and will continue to do so allowing an ongoing increase in facilities and opportunities for staff.

By train you can be in the centre of London in less than 40 minutes and on the beach on the south coast in slightly longer, passing through the ancient city of Winchester on the way. With the M3 running through the area, access to the road network is equally good. All of these features mean that the area is very desirable and consequently the cost of living, specifically in Fleet, is high. It is perfectly possible however to find very affordable accommodation in nearby towns including Basingstoke, Aldershot, Farnborough and even Reading.

ElvethamThe town is well served with facilities, with a brand new leisure centre directly opposite the school which sits on the northern edge of the town just a gentle stroll from the country park. Within the town there are a wide range of other leisure opportunities (including many restaurants and bars) but within a short drive one can access an even broader selection with Basingstoke and Woking in particular home to multiplex cinemas, theatres and a top of the range concert venue.

If shopping is your thing, then Fleet has some limited opportunities but once again the towns within a short distance can offer an excellent array of both High Street and individual shops in which to spend your money.

Fleet pond 6You do not need to go far to find yourself in open countryside with Fleet pond, the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire, surrounded by a well maintained nature reserve, and the Basingstoke canal just two locations that give the opportunity to walk but include the sight and sound of water. There are also a multitude of other outdoor activities available within the local area managing to offer hiking, watersports, and an endless list of sports teams of varying standards.

Hart also benefits from sitting within Hampshire, one of the most highly praised local authorities in the country. As such it is forward thinking and a constant source of support for schools and teachers with excellent in service training courses and conferences as well as maintaining a keen overview of all that goes on to ensure that the quality of provision and opportunity for staff and students  is guaranteed.

A town like Fleet does not grow in the way it is growing if it does not have qualities to promote it as a place to live. It is also a wonderful place to work.

We look forward to being able to show you around and prove to you what an excellent location Hart is to make your future home and work place.

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