Secondary Ready

preparedFor this academic year, we are challenging students to do the right thing, in order to enable them to develop a positive mindset and reach their full potential.

Towards the end of each term, a chosen, positive attitude to learning will be celebrated:

Presentation of work - is your book set out neatly? do you always write and underline date and title? do you finish your work each lesson? have you glued all your worksheets in? are you proud of the way your book looks?

Meeting homework deadlines - do you write your homework in your planner?  do you check Moodle on a regular basis? do you plan your home learning time carefully? is your homework always handed in or submitted on time? are you proud of your homework record?

Active engagement in learning - do you listen carefully? do you contribute to discussions? do you ask for help? do you help others? do you challenge yourself to do even better?

Making mistakes is fine so long as we learn from the experience and move forward more positively in the future.  With this in mind we will focus on a particular aspect of the Calthorpe Way each fortnight.  Checks will take place and students not complying with our expectations will be sanctioned and supported with doing the right thing from now on.

Punctuality to school

Equipment for learning
Punctuality to lessons

Being "prepared and ready to learn" promotes an environment in which each student will develop a willingness to contribute to the community and world in which they live.  We aim to educate our young people to aspire for themselves and inspire others in their achievement, approach and attitude.  Many thanks to parents, students and staff for supporting our values.