School Life


School Day Timings  08.40   Registration/Assembly
09.05   Lesson 1
09.55   Lesson 2
10.45   Break
11.00   Lesson 3
11.50   Lesson 4
12.40   Lunch
13.20   Lesson 5
14.10   Lesson 6
15.00   End of the school day
Review and
consultation dates
You will receive written reports detailing your child’s achievement during the school year.  There will be opportunities to discuss achievement at parent consultation sessions.  Please note that the school closes for all students during afternoon consultations.

Homework is issued in a variety of ways - sometimes students are asked to write a note in their planners, they may be given a worksheet, an external website is used, eg. MyMaths, or it will be set for them online. Homework could be any of the following: preparing for a lesson, research, writing an essay, revising for a test, project work.

Equipment In all subjects you’ll need a pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, colouring pencils, glue and scissors which you are responsible for bringing to school every day. Also remember to bring in your diary.

Some subjects need special equipment:
For MATHS you’ll need a scientific calculator, a pair of compasses and a protractor.
In TECHNOLOGY an apron for Food Technology is vital. In all other Technology subjects, an apron will be provided where necessary.
In ART you’ll need to bring an old shirt from home to protect your clothes during lessons. Bring in one that’s nice and baggy and will fit over your school sweatshirt.
In PE you’ll need full kit for every lesson. You’ll be told exactly what kit is needed for each lesson and you must remember to bring it all. Your kit will need to be named in case it gets lost.

Absences If your child is absent, either report this to school by clicking on the link in the Contact Us section of the website (Report an absence) or phone the school on 01252 613483 and select option 1 to leave a message. 
For planned absence from school, please use this link.

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