Key Dates moving from Y6 to Y7

September/October - Open Mornings and Evening
You are warmly invited to attend our Open Evening or one of our Open Mornings to meet our staff and students, and to see for yourself what we have to offer.

March - 'Excitements and Worries'
Students are given the opportunity to let Mrs Lambert know about their excitements of starting at Calthorpe Park School. This is to help plan for the Visit Days in July. Students are also asked to share their worries or concerns. This is so Mrs Lambert can make effective use of the visit to Junior Schools in April/May. Parents are also asked if they would like to share any information, worries or concerns.

April/May - Junior School ‘Roadshows’
Calthorpe Park staff will visit all Junior Schools to talk to Year 6 teachers and meet the Year 6 students. This visit will be an opportunity for us to find out about the needs and abilities of our new students, to tell pupils about the arrangements for the Visit Days in July and the Start Day in September, as well as to provide pupils with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have, and ask questions about the school.

June - Optional 'Concern' Interview with Parents and Pupils
If you have any major concerns that have not been addressed by the information in the 'Guide for Parents' (sent home in April) or by Mrs Lambert’s visit to your child at their Junior School, parents can contact us to arrange a “one to one” interview with a member of the transition team to discuss them. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come into school for the meeting.

July – Calthorpe Park Visit Days (2 days)
All Year 6 pupils in Hampshire and around visit their new Secondary Schools on these dates.
On this day, pupils will be able to meet the Director of Transition, the Year Heads and some of the other members of staff and teaching assistants. They will have time to have a tour of the school and get to know where some of the classrooms are. During the day, pupils will take part in a variety of exciting Key Stage 3 learning experiences, including some practical activities. Pupils will be provided with an information folder for the day.

What do I need to Bring to Calthorpe Park on Visit Day?
Arrive dressed in Junior School Uniform
Writing equipment - Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser
PE trainers
Packed lunch and water bottle
Further information will be sent out to parents prior to the Visit Days

July - Year 6 Parent information Evening
There will be an opportunity to be welcomed by the Headteacher in the Main Hall, where refreshments will be provided, and a range of staff and governors will be available to meet parents. Parents are invited to come into school to meet the Headteacher, the Heads of House and other Year 6 parents. It is an evening to help parents understand how their new school works. There is an opportunity for us to share our expectations of your sons/daughters and to talk to you about aspects of the school.

July - Extra students visits
After the initial visit days we carry out a review to identify those young people who would benefit from extra visits to Calthorpe Park or extra support in their transition. This could be another tour of specific departments, or an insight into some of our extra curricular clubs e.g. STEM.

September - Day 1 at Calthorpe Park
All our Year 7 students start slightly earlier than the rest of the school in September (apart from year 11s who are there to support). This gives the tutor more of an opportunity to get to know the new students, and it will enable students to find their way around when the school is not quite so busy.  Some of the day will be spent with the Form Tutor getting organised for the new term (eg being provided with Diaries/Timetables etc....).  School photographs will also be taken on this day.

October - Year 7 Parent Information Evening
Parents are invited to come into school to meet the Headteacher, the Heads of House and other Year 7 parents.  This is an opportunity for us to share our expectations of your sons/daughters and to talk to you about aspects of the school. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask any questions. Students do not attend on this evening.

October/November - Year 7 Party
Early in the year we aim to host a party for the new Year 7 students. This gives them an opportunity to socialise with their peers in a less formal situation. This could be a Halloween Party where we encourage the students to dress up and they nominate each other for the 'best dressed' award. The REaL3 assist in the planning of this event.