Crowdfunding - Update

Update - Thank you so much for all the generous donations made - with £12,000 now raised!  Can you help us reach our fundraising target?  We still need another £3400, but with gift aid, we can reduce this amount to £2550 and still meet the target. Just £5 or £10 from everyone in our school community would make such a difference - thanks for your support!

With the ever-increasing shortfall in educational funding, we are launching a crowd-funding campaign to improve the quality of your child's experience at school and need your support.  Our amazing CPSA continue to raise funds, but a new initiative called Donate My School will enable them to enhance the school still further.  This is a similar approach to Just Giving but with very limited costs.

Details of the projects and process are shown below, and in this letter, but if each family contributed either £5 per month (or more) or a one-off donation through this Donate My School approach, the impact would be incredible.  Please note that if you use a credit card, your payment will be treated as a cash transaction and you will be charged by the card issuer, so a debit card is recommended to save you extra charges.

To make donations, see
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We would like to start by targeting two specific projects:

Replacement of our PCs for the students - aiming to raise £15,000

The school's current PCs are a number of years old and will not be able to run the new Windows software which is soon to be released and installed.  We realise that £15,000 is a huge sum of money, however, every student at Calthorpe Park will benefit from newer, faster computers.

The Memorial Garden - aiming to raise £600

Our original Memorial Garden had to be moved during the last building works.  Its new location is the quiet courtyard between the HUB and the Music/Food Technology classrooms.  The garden has been designed by two of our CPSA members, Lindsay Watson and Kate Braddon, with advice from Rosy Hardy of Hardy's Cottage Plants.  Lindsay and Kate have nearly completed the garden resulting in a reflective and peaceful place to remember the students and staff who have lost their lives while at our school, as well as being a space for our current students’ wellbeing. 


  Garden 3     Garden 4     Garden 1

After the hard work of many people:

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Thank you for your generosity.  We really appreciate your support for the young people at Calthorpe Park School.

Martin Amos and Melanie Hooper

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