Book and Word of the Week

The Book of the Week for the w/b 16/03/20 is: Drone Racer by Andy Briggs

“With races taking place in empty car parks, warehouses and old factories, drone racing is a rapidly growing underground sport. But it's also gone above ground with international championships beckoning from Los Angeles to Dubai, offering by huge prizes. Twelve-year-old Carson Lox thinks he has the potential to be a champion ... except his drone is not powerful enough, and he can't afford anything better. Desperate to make their mark, Trix (Tracy to her friends, and the team's engineer) and Eddie (or Edward as he hates being called, the team manager) help Carson break into an old Air Force scrapyard to salvage spare parts. They find the remains of a hi-tech drone that needs patching up and use it to enter the league. But there is something unusual about their new drone - it has a mind of its own.”


Word of the week: CYNICAL (adjective)

Meaning :  Believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
Example :  “He was brutally cynical and hardened to every sob story under the sun.”


The WotW winners, for their use of the word, dwindled, are:

Winner: Thomas B, M05: “Huddled round the fire, the men’s strength and will dwindled, as the Arctic air bit  away them viciously.”  (Maltesers, 3 house points)

Highly Commended: Izzy B, M12: “ Over time, his hope of finding basic needs like soap and hand sanitizer dwindled away, before eventually disappearing altogether.”  (Lolly, 2 house points)

Commended: Henry R, K04: “He watched as the candle dwindled away and darkness filled the room.” (Lolly, 1 house point)








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