Book of the Week

Book of the Week: 28th September 2020


I Am Not A Number by Lisa Heathfield


Ever since the Traditional party came into power, 15-year-old Ruby's life has changed for the worse.  Things that Ruby and her friends and family value are forbidden; equal rights for women, freedom of movement, freedom to express oneself...


Before long, Ruby and her family are taken to a prison camp, with no food, possessions, or rights.  Eveyone is given a number and forced into hard labour; people go missing every day.  The situation is so bad that Ruby knows the only option for the future is to escape so everyone can hear what is going on.  Will she do it and can she survive?


This is a topical, gripping dystopian novel which will keep you turning the pages.  It is available in physical book form from the Library or as an e-book from the e-platform.

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