CPSA Fundraising - BOON

Please see this latest initiative from the CPSA for raising money for our school:
Introducing BOON
BOON is a marketplace app which enables items to be bought and sold within the Calthorpe community.
Anything you want to sell can be listed: toys, books, uniform, musical instruments, electronics, sports equipment, the list goes on…
With every item sold, a minimum donation of 15% goes directly to the CPSA with sellers having the option to increase this up to 100% of the sale price.  
How is BOON different? 
Unlike eBay or Facebook Marketplace, BOON is a closed community meaning that members are parents of students at Calthorpe Park School and can only buy and sell from each other so you can trust the authenticity of the listings and all items can be exchanged in person with no need for postage and packing. 
How to sign up
It’s easy!  All you need to do is download the BOON Marketplace app and use the CPSA PIN HHP050.  From your mobile phone or tablet, follow this link to sign up.  That’s it!

(The BOON mobile app and websites are hosted on AWS servers, providing the highest of security standards and peace of mind to all users and group administrators.  No financial data [payment card or bank account details] is stored by Boon.  All data is encrypted and held securely by Stripe, BOON’s payment processor.  For further information go to their website.)

So, sign up and start selling, buying and raising funds for our school!


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