National Competition winner

Well done to Chloe in Year 8 for winning a national poetry competition with her excellent poem 'Imprisoned'!





Since March 2020

We’ve been cooped up inside

Playing by ourselves

Imprisoned while we hide


During this dreadful year

Us humans lost our song

Moping around our houses

Imprisoned for how long


Hope came in Summer

Oh, how we’d come so far

With a relaxation on rules

But imprisoned still we are


In August much excitement

As my birthday approaches fast

And though free for the meantime

We are imprisoned in our past


Then Christmas drew near

And to keep the cases low

Restricted again were we

Imprisoned watching snow


So that brings us too now

With cures and copies of the virus

And knowing the honest words

Imprisoned on papyrus


And now we’re getting tired

For so long we have listened

For so long things kept changing

For so long we were imprisoned


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