Retirement of Ms Hooper and Mr Amos

It is with great sadness that Calthorpe Park bid farewell on Wednesday 31st March to its Headteachers, Mr Martin Amos and Ms Melanie Hooper who have given dedicated service for many years and who will leave at the end of this term.  Having enjoyed very successful careers as Senior Leaders at Little Heath School, Reading and at John Hunt of Everest School, Basingstoke, Ms Hooper and Mr Amos were appointed as Deputy Head Teachers by Mr Kit Heasman. 

After the departure of Mrs Cathy Anwar in 2013, they took on the mantle of headship, initially temporarily, before being appointed, as a result of their ground-breaking successes, on a permanent basis.

Both Mr Amos and Ms Hooper have touched many thousands of lives during their long and successful careers in education.  They have always strived to further develop Calthorpe Park into a vibrant community with outstanding outcomes and they have played a pivotal role in creating an inclusive institution renowned for its focus on the education of  'the whole child'.  They have both encouraged all members of the community to aspire to be the very best they can be in all they do, and thereby to inspire others  through their drive, commitment and endeavour. 

Their legacy will be a long-lasting and far-reaching one and we hope that they enjoy an incredibly well-deserved retirement, especially after what has been a particularly challenging final year in education. 


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